Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

We provide advisory on the resolution of civil and commercial conflicts before the Ordinary Courts of Justice, Arbitration Centers, Courts of Appeals and Supreme Court.

Likewise, our services include, among others, negotiation and dispute resolution, administrative sanctioning procedures, special trials in mining, water, fisheries and aquaculture, free competition, insolvency and reorganization and consumer law matters.

Real Estate

We have extensive experience on providing legal advice to Chilean and foreign clients on a wide range of real estate projects. Particularly, we provide advice structuring, developing, financing and commercializing them, which includes, among other matters, urban planning, urbanizations, dividing into lots, subdivisions, changes of land use, real estate co-ownership, concessions, expropriations, reversals, easements and water rights.

Likewise, we advise our clients in real estate litigations, such as those actions established on the Urbanism and Constructions General Law (Ley General de Urbanismo y Construcciones), the Real Estate Co-ownership Law (Ley de Copropiedad Inmobiliaria), lease trials, precarious actions, demolition and construction suspension orders, among other matters.

Corporate / Mergers and Acquisitions

Our lawyers have a large experience advising Chilean and foreign companies on corporate matters, contractual relations, reorganizations and restructurings, transformations, financings, divisions, mergers and acquisitions.

Our advice includes legal audit or due diligence of any kind of transactions, including the drafting of all the documents of the operation, as memorandums of understanding, letter of intent, shares and assets purchase agreements, shareholders’ agreements, commercial alliances, and association or joint venture agreements.

In general, we advise on all daily challenges that may arise in a company.

Mining and Natural Resources

Our firm provides services to Chilean and foreign mining companies in the development, operation and closure of their projects. In particular, our team has experience in due diligence processes of mining concessions, ore reduction plants and special mining companies; in mergers and acquisitions of shares and assets of mining companies; incorporation of mining easements and obtaining the necessary permits and authorizations for the development of the projects and its operation.

We also advise companies in the generation, transmission and distribution of energy, as well as Chilean and foreign clients in matters related to water rights, fisheries and aquaculture, and environmental law matters.

Finally, our team advises agricultural companies throughout the complete productive process, as well as in exporting its products abroad.

Tax Law

We offer our clients extensive advice on both national and international tax matters. We have experience in tax planning and restructuring and advising individuals, family groups, family offices, and hereditary planning in the most efficient way possible.

From the most complex to the relatively simple matters, our team provides highly specialized work tailored to each client.

In addition, we represent our clients in proceedings before the Internal Revenue Service, the Tax and Customs Courts, and before the higher courts of justice.

Labour and Immigration

Marinovic & Alcalde Abogados has an outstanding experience in labour issues, advising national and foreign clients, in matters of individual and collective labour law, labour litigation, social security and immigration.

Our practice area is characterized by providing continuous advice to clients regarding all types of labour issues that are presented within the company, whether in processes of hiring, compensation, labour audits, corporate policies, internal regulations, subcontracting or realization of preventive labour audits and training, among others.

Likewise, the firm has attorneys specializing in labour litigation representing the interests of their clients in courts, as well as significant experience in processes of collective bargaining and matters of collective rights.

In the immigration area, Marinovic & Alcalde provides its clients with a wide range of services and advice related to immigration regulation in Chile and the hiring of foreign workers. That includes the advice and processing of visa applications, work permits for foreigners workers, among others.

Venture Capital

Marinovic & Alcalde Abogados has extensive experience in the Venture Capital industry, advising domestic and foreign clients on legal matters related to venture and innovation financing, such as the negotiation of Term Sheets, all types of investment vehicles (SAFE; convertible notes, KISS, etc.), and Shareholders’ Agreements, as well as the implementation of Vesting Agreements and Stock Option Plans.

As a law firm with specialized lawyers in different fields, our advice is comprehensive and enables coverage of all legal issues arising both for the investor and for the company receiving the investment and/or financing (corporate, tax, labor, etc.).

Likewise, our alliances enable us to provide both local and global advice, empowering Startups to cover their scaling needs towards other markets and jurisdictions through stock flips or swaps or other related transactions, providing the necessary tools and information in order to make the right decision.